MP John Barlow welcomes funding

MP John Barlow, on behalf of Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today announced the Harper Government will invest an estimated $113.65 million to improve infrastructure in the Prairie Region including the Chief Mountain port of entry in Alberta. This investment is part of the $440 million in infrastructure funding announced in November 2014 by Prime Minister Harper to replace aging ports of entry across Canada.

The infrastructure investment includes design finalization, site services, geotechnical and environmental assessments, as well as modular building construction, including structural, mechanical, electrical, internal fit-up, commissioning, project management and signage. Construction work is planned to begin as early as 2017.

The $440 million border infrastructure investment, combined with previous Beyond the Border infrastructure commitments, provides a huge boost to upgrade ports of entry. The majority of Canadian ports of entry will be fully upgraded or replaced with modern facilities, consistent with the Canada Border Services Agency’s efforts towards modernization.

This is over and above the $241 million that the Harper Government has already invested in expanding and modernizing its ports of entry over the last five years.

New and modern facilities will help meet new space demands due to recent operational requirements. Improvements to facilities will help ensure our small, remote and medium ports of entry will continue to deliver service excellence to travelers and traders.

MP John Barlow, Macloed