Stay Competitive:

Your Shipments Need To Arrive When, Where & How You Want Them,
Across The Country Or Around The World.

STOP: You’re paying too much for product delivery. Whether you’re an online shopper, or frequently import and export goods, CrossBorder helps you avoid CBSA penalties and understand the total cost of your landed shipments so you don’t overpay. Get a free quote on shipment options available to you or stop into Belleville’s Customs Brokerage.
Coordinating entry of all domestic or international goods into Canada (and the USA): work with a team who integrates your in-house logistics process, and communicates the information you want and need—in the format you need it. Learn more: read these Frequently Asked Questions or get a Free Customs Compliance Audit & Broker Rate Comparison.
Avoid Carrier and Custom Clearance miscommunications. CrossBorder is a full service logistics provider for Customs & freight whether over ocean, air, road or rail. Get all the perks you deserve on one invoice, including end-to-end project management and No Fault, All Risk Cargo Insurance.

Save Yourself: Avoid Unnecessary Customs & Freight Costs—and Expensive Time Delays.

iStock_000052192904_1000pxCrossBorder Solutions’ built-in Proactive Project Management educates your team and fixes long term headaches in your supply chain so hassles like poor vendor paperwork don’t land on your desk. Your in-house processes can be easily integrated, and you’ll have automated communication at every stage so you can focus on what you do, trusting your products to be picked up, and delivered on-time wherever you need them.

+ Put annoying voice menu systems behind you. A live voice from CrossBorder’s Belleville office answers every call during business hours. You won’t wait to talk to the ‘right person’: staff are available to help on-the-spot throughout business hours.

+ Technologically advanced to offer you flexible reporting of any detail you want, and same day billing so you know final costs for immediate calculations you need to make.

You don’t have time to rate shop better freight options—we do.