What is a Non-Resident Importer?

A Non-Resident Importer (NRI) is an American company, who, in most cases, does not have a physical presence in Canada. The NRI acts as the importer of record for goods sold/consigned into Canada for the purposes of Customs and GST/HST. As an NRI, you will relieve your Canadian Customers of the responsibilities of importation, making it easier for them to buy from you.

Benefits of being a Non-Resident Importer

  • Create a domestic environment when selling in Canada
  • Sell on a delivered price basis (DDP-Deliver duty paid) which will resemble a Canadian domestic transaction for the Canadian customer
  • Manage your landed costs and your customer’s fixed purchase price
  • Remove the border and increase sales to your Canadian customers
  • Single Customs Broker –eliminate communication with multiple brokers

How do I become a Non-Resident Importer?

  • There are a number of considerations to take into account when looking at becoming an NRI.
  • Our team of experts will guide you, and manage the process from day one until the go-live date.
  • We will work with, and educate your finance department on pricing models, regulatory compliance and how to manage the import duties and taxes.

Why Consider the Non-Resident Importer Program?

Ease the trade process for your Canadian Customers – Being an NRI means your Canadian customers do not need to be involved in the import process. Doing business with American NRI companies becomes as easy as purchasing products from a Canadian company.

Increase your competitive advantage – The NRI program puts you on a level playing field with Canadian companies and gives you an advantage over your American competitors.

Improve shipment control – As the exporter and NRI you control the shipping process door-to-door. Consistent clearance processing minimizes customs delays and improves the timely, efficient delivery of your product.

Expand Your Market Reach into Canada – American companies that participate in the NRI Program, are able to increase their market share in Canada and compete more effectively with Canadian companies and American competitors.

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