Tom GunsingerRandy GoogeJulia Fraser
  • Previously we arranged our own shipping with various carriers and had an independent broker as well. Since combining these two functions and switching to CrossBorder Solutions’ service, we have seen a huge improvement in on-time, issue-free deliveries which are paramount to us. The communication and collaboration of your dispatch and customs team with our shippers, on-site project leads and ultimately, clients, has greatly reduced the extra costs we used to pay for delays, border issues, etc. We have also reduced our set-up times [for product arrival preparation], our colleagues are less stressed, and ultimately and most importantly, we have more satisfied customers!”
    Tom Gunsinger
    Vice-President, Bel-Con Design-Builders Ltd.
  • “We work with the people [at CrossBorder Solutions] on a daily basis, and they are always available, knowledgeable and pro-active in keeping us informed. They understand the unique nature of our shipments and work closely with us and our end user clients to ensure our goods arrive on time and without issues. Your company has also been invaluable in educating us on the nuances of global logistics and customs, which have helped us avoid costly delays and penalties. This has allowed use to provide a seamless service delivery to our clients. Knowing that we have real partners working with us to make sure our clients are delighted with our services has helped us to succeed and we look forward to this continuing.”
    Randy Googe
    Project Manager, EMS-Tech Inc.
  • “Now my business never has to worry about compliance, speed or accuracy. CrossBorder assesses every shipment to comprehend the implications for my business—from paperwork to taxes—they are first to notice problems and ensure we never overpay.”
    Julia Fraser
    Professional Lighting Consultant, Watts Current Inc.

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