New to Shipping and Importing?

Discover The Proper Steps To Importing And Exporting, At Your Pace.

CrossBorder provides training for your staff, such as how to properly prepare your Customs documents for clearance, so you can stop worrying about compliance issues and potential penalties. CrossBorder will flex to offer you as much Customs & Freight Brokerage support as you need, as soon as you need it.


Want to Know Whether You’re Overpaying For Freight Transportation?

CrossBorder helps you pay lower costs by sourcing best-fit, best-rate logistics (including less-than-load shipping) and building manufacturer relationships on your behalf. Plus, you’ll avoid disputes over responsibility for damaged or lost goods with No Fault Cargo Insurance.


Whether You’re A One-Time Importer Or Require Daily Border Crossing, Get Ready To Feel Prioritized.

You’ll always get a live North American voice ready to help you when you call during business hours. Plus, you can stop in to CrossBorder’s Belleville office at a time that suits you during business hours, and talk face-to-face.


+ Benefit from better client communication. Use your client login to see shipment statuses in real time, 24/7. Carriers use the PARS tracker to make sure there’s no time lost in waiting at the border.

+ No Excuses: CrossBorder’s Guaranteed Proprietary Quality Control Process. You’ll never again look up a tariff, wonder where your money is going, or question when your products will arrive.

+ Ask about After The Auction logistics: whether you’re importing a vehicle, heavy equipment or exporting facility manufacturing lines.


Free First Service: Get an online best-fit, best-rate freight movement quote* or ask for a Customs Compliance Audit & Broker Rate Comparison – free of charge.

*All quotes are offered in accordance with CrossBorder’s Terms and Conditions.