One Broker for Customs Clearances and Freight Forwarding

Combine customs clearances and freight forwarding and you’ll see improvements in compliance, communication and on-time, issue-free deliveries for efficient release and avoidance of bonded shipments. Consulting, Project Management and proactive Trouble Shooting are built into CrossBorder’s Proprietary Quality Control process—so all of your Customs and logistics needs are taken care of, end-to-end, without hassle and without creating more work for your team. CrossBorder incorporates your in-house processes and unique needs giving you better cost control and supply chain management—even if you don’t have people in North America.

By shopping for best-fit, best rate freight transportation on your behalf, you have more time to focus on your products, services and clients. Get a best-fit, best-rate shipping quote free, online now. Plus, CrossBorder seamlessly educates and removes problems in your supply chain so you witness increased efficiencies.


Your Expert In Freight Forwarding, And Industry-Specific Custom Compliance

When your goods are ready to move, CrossBorder freight brokers already know when it must arrive, how it must be handled, which international laws apply and what documentation is required. By making sure the timing is right on your deliveries, you save logistics costs and your team avoids expensive delays and wait times. Real-time updates in PARS Tracker and Client Login automatically inform you of each order’s progress.


Free First Service: Get an online best-fit, best-rate freight movement quote* or ask for a Customs Compliance Audit & Broker Rate Comparison – free of charge.

*All quotes are offered in accordance with CrossBorder’s Terms and Conditions.