How to Avoid Navigating the Complexities

How to Avoid Navigating the Complexities of Canadian Customs and International Freight Forwarding  

Ask yourself: Is filling out international shipping paperwork, keeping up with rules and regulations changes, or tracking down shipped goods the best use of your employee’s time?


Here are 5 Ways CrossBorder Solutions Ensures Your Goods are Moved Across the Border on time, the way you need them—without hassle

  1. Logistics Consultation: project and logistics management services (backed by experience and an understanding of the industry) are built-in to all Cross Border Solutions’ services—so your unique needs are met and you can improve your customs and freight movement processes. CrossBorder Solutions identifies the most efficient routes and best-fit rates for freight forwarding so you avoid inflated rates and hidden costs so you become more efficient and more profitable – just look at this happy customer’s feedback (link to Julia testimonial).
  1. Advanced Technology: In-house shipping-specific technology provides you timely information and access to documents you need, such as accurate same-day billing and reports (like compliance details, CBSA release forms, brokerage and shipping reporting). Plus, your unique customer login will show you step-by-step movement of your goods.
  1. Compliant Shipments Every Time: detailed understanding of government expectations (from NRCAN to, Food and Wood Inspection) for the shipping industry ensures means you won’t incur penalties because you were unaware of border changes or your paperwork was incomplete. Instead, your goods will be shipped efficiently with safe, well-timed arrival – just what you need.
  1. Continuous Communication: How do you like to be contacted? CrossBorder uses your preferred contact method and real-time goods movement updates to keep you informed of where your shipment is at all times.
  1. Teamwork Real people working on your project can better manage your shipping needs because CBS’ team-based process gives you increased support time and accountability no matter who picks up the phone when you call. You get the “right person” every time to answer your questions. And, real people answer the phone during business hours –so you never have to navigate automated menus or be passed through departments.


Get more than Competent Documentation from your Customs Broker:

CrossBorder Solutions (CBS) services will not only make your distribution staff downright giddy; your business will run smoother and you’ll spend less on shipping and receiving costs so you can invest more in your core business.

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