No Excuses

No Excuses: Customs Clearances and Freight Forwarding Guaranteed By a Proprietary QC Process

With the CBS Quality Controlled process, you’ll never again look up a tariff, wonder where your money is going, or question when your products will arrive.

No two businesses are alike whether they’re in the same industry or not. It’s our job to understand how you do your business and customize our processes to fit your shipping needs.

Experience has shown that following a process gets the results you want, every time, with no missing pieces and no guess work.

CBS helps deals with the challenges of shipping for you, because we:

  • Learn your specific shipment, customer and compliance needs.
  • Innovate to create solutions to common issues (like cheaper, easier vehicle import).
  • Offer All Risk Cargo Transit insurance, an affordable solution to eliminate conflicts with carriers (even for small orders).
  • Communicate better in person, online or however you want to be reached.
  • Account for our actions with real time shipment tracking online.

And, we can change if you need us to. We want to make you happy so if you’re unhappy we’ll conduct a full review and offer you resolutions for how we can better meet your needs.