Supporting Your Auction-Based Logistics

Supporting Your Auction-Based Logistics From Opening Bid to Final Delivery

Taking advantage of auction prices requires a level of urgency to meet the unique needs of auction bidders facing strict timelines between bid acceptance and close of auction.

Before, during and after an auction a dedicated team of in-house customs brokers, load brokers and international freight specialists are ready to quote, book and coordinate your shipment for transport. As a single point of contact—you’re assured that your purchase is shipped quickly, using the optimum transport mode in compliance with government, transport, and export/import requirements.


Get Your Goods Shipped Back Across The Border Fast

Take the confusion out of shipping and let CBS’ experts handle your auction specific needs. CrossBorder Solutions makes it easy for you to keep track of your goods with real time status updates and final shipment tracking and reporting until the contract is complete. You’ll get immediate shipment preparation, domestic or international transport services, export/import customs clearance and logistics coordination; to the USA and International Destinations.

Your auction purchases will be shipped safely and fast with CBS responsible for:

  • Shipping Options and Documentation, plus customs invoice requirements (NAFTA and Other Certificates of Origin and Destination country import requirements), Commodity Tariff Classification (Harmonization System Codes); Duty and Tax rates and Export/Import Permits.
  • Document Preparation for Canadian export, customs Invoices, special customs documents (i.e. NAFTA, FDA, FCA or EPA forms), Certificates of Origin, and Bills of Lading.
  • In House Auction Specific Logistics such as liaising with auction house representatives and shippers, sourcing of load-specific transport services; getting North American and international shipping permits; scheduling of loading and delivery dates to meet auction deadlines.

Plus, Canadian Export Customs Clearance, All Risk Cargo Transit Insurance coverage and US Import Customs clearance are available services so you only have to communicate with one company.


Need more support? You can also arrange for services such as one time Power of Attorney and Single or Continuous Bond; Air or Sea freight to arrival destination; Bill of Lading preparation and document submission to carriers and consignees. Call CrossBorder Solutions to talk about your unique needs.